Skin Tone Categories

Skin Tone Categories

While there are many varieties of complexions, all complexions fall into two different skin tone categories – warm or cool.

                               Warm Skin Tone

Warm skin toneThose with a yellow or golden skin undertone have a warm skin tone. Hair colors that have a warm overtone will generally look natural and much better on you.

                              Cool Skin Tone

Cool skin toneThose with pink or blue skin undertones fall into the cool category. This means that hair colors that have a cool overtone will generally look much more natural on you.

What Skin Tone is Your’s?

The quickest way to decide if you are a warm or cool skin tone.  Will be to take a look at the veins in your arms while you are in natural lighting.  If your veins look a green color then you have a warm skin tone.  If you veins look blue in color then you have a cool skin tone.


Now To Use Your Skin Tone To Enhance Your Hair Color

Once you have established your skin tone you can use this information to find a hair color that will highlight your facial features.

If you don’t believe me just look at the samples below.


                               Warm Complexion with a Warm Hair Color

Warm hair color and skin toneBy matching copper blonde color with this warm peaches and cream skin tone, we end up with a hair color that looks natural and blends well with the color of the skin.

  Warm Complexion with a Cool Hair Color

Warm hair color and skin toneWhen we switch the warm hair color with this cool violet, we can see that the cool color clashes with her skin tone and leaves her with an unflattering style.


  Cool Skin Tone with a Warm Hair Color

Cool complexion with a warm hair colorNow take a look at this cool skin tone with her light golden hair color.  This model could use this look, but a cooler hair color would enhance her features


Cool Complexion with a Cool Hair Color

Cool complexion with a warm hair colorWhen we try this light ash brown,   the cool skin tone really brightens up and this look enhances her features.

There are of course some exceptions where combinations of warm and cool hair colors can be used together in various techniques for contrast or specific purposes, but this should be left to the care of highly trained hair colorists only.